Artikel bebas namun berguna bagi dunia pendidikan dan arsitektur. Berita atau informasi yang berhubungan dengan arsitektur diseluruh dunia masuk sini (seminar nat/int, perkembangan up to date: tech, design, teori, sejarah, dll)

  • Bathrooms in Spain: Color and Material Trends Inside 10 Homes

  • What are the Interior Courtyards of Spanish Houses like? 10 Examples in Contemporary Architecture and Design

  • What Is Biophilic Design? Examples of Apartments Integrating These Principles in Mexico

  • How Culture Shapes Kitchens: Exploring Influences and Design Differences between Japan and the United States

  • Vernacular Elements Applied in Contemporary Housing

  • What Is Mass Timber?

  • Outdoor Kitchens: A Brief History and 15 Current Examples

  • Climate-Proof Architecture: Supertextured Cladding for Extreme Conditions

  • Functional Cabinets and Shelves: Spatial Practicality in 8 Examples

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