Building Architecture Illustration


The Architecture Study Program focuses on delivering graduates of architecture who are ready to work and are innovative since they are comprehensively educated and supported by architectural digitization, and scientific and multidisciplinary thinking.

The subjects of the core curriculum are based on several competencies such as Personal Development, Science and Skills, Working Expertise, Working Behavior, and Community Involvement. The required minimum credits that must be taken are 146 credits. This curriculum will allow the opportunity to increase the knowledge and technology in architecture, to provide knowledge for those who want to be an entrepreneur in architectural work, and to pursue professional education or further studies in the master program (S2) and doctorate program (S3).

Furthermore, mastery in information technology becomes a value-added as a graduate of Architecture of BINUS UNIVERSITY.

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


A world-class architecture department in fostering and empowering society to improve the quality of life through innovation & technology in planning and designing architecture.


  • Educating students to develop exemplary characters through a holistic approach that meets global standards to improve the quality of life through innovation & technology in planning and designing architecture.
  • Resolving the urban environment issues through high-impact research to improve quality of life.
  • Fostering students as lifelong learners through self-enrichment in architecture.
  • Empowering students to continuously improve society’s quality of life that instilling local values and global awareness.


  • To provide architectural education through multidisciplinary knowledge, innovation & technology that will shape the student’s careers.
  • To provide students with the ability to solve problems through research that focuses on sustainable architecture.
  • To prepare students with the ability for self-enrichment in architecture to improve society’s quality of life.

Prospective Career

The graduates of the Architecture Study Program will have sufficient knowledge of Planning, Programming, and Designing, Building Technology, Project Management, Property Management, Interior Design, and Mastery of Information Technology.

Therefore, the graduate of Architecture has the choice of a wide range of professions that include:

  1. Consultancy: Architect
  2. Construction: Engineer, Contractor
  3. Construction Management: Construction Manager
  4. Banking: Credit Analyst (Appraisal)
  5. Property: Building Manager, Marketing, Real Estate Manager
  6. Interior: Interior Designer
  7. Development: Planner, Urban Designer, Developer
  8. Information Technology: 3D Animator
  9. Research: Researcher
  10. Media (Printed or Electronic media): Architecture Journalist, Writer, Editor
  11. Independent Business: Freelance Architect, Exhibition Organizer.
  12. Education: Lecturer and Instructor