The clean water crisis and environmental issues require us to make wise efforts in using clean water. Significant savings in the use of clean water can be achieved by conserving air. In this project, a rental office building was designed in the Setiabudi area, South Jakarta that can make the most of the rainfall possible to locate and use it. In addition, the type of waste is managed so that the recycling process can be selected. Besides that, clean water management is also carried out according to the level of quality and use. In this project, clean water is divided into two, namely primary water and secondary water. Primary water is used for human needs and secondary water for human and machine needs. Liquid waste from human activities is divided into gray water which will be recycled and black water which is not recycled. From the results of this recycling and harvesting rainwater with a temporary catchment area only from the roof, the conservation conservation is 52.8%.