The disruptive technology and Covid-19 pandemic situation caused many activities to be carried out at home. Activities at home often cause physical and mental health problems if not supported by an excellent residential environment. The United Nations also emphasized that this attention to physical and mental health is one of the sustainable issues that need to be taken seriously by paying attention to the quality of the surrounding environment. An alternative approach to improve mental health is through a soundscape approach. A soundscape is an approach that investigates the relationship between the acoustic environment and the perception of the environment it evokes. This study tried to look at the relationship between the sound source around the Indonesian settlement area and the residents’ resulting perception. Resident’s perception data are collected in several residential areas in Indonesia. The results of this study indicate the elements of sound sources that affect the perception of residential areas. These elements need to be regulated to improve physical and mental health in the residential area, to create a more sustainable environment for humans.

DOI: 10.1088/1755-1315/998/1/012030