The Architecture study program at BINUS UNIVERSITY has taken the steps to design the curriculum in order to anticipate the developments in information technology in the global era and market demand.

The subjects of the core curriculum are based on competences which have to be attained, these are : Personal Development, Science and Skills, Work Expertise, Work Behavior, and Involvement in Society. The minimum credits that have to be taken are 146 credits. This alteration is to provide the opportunity to increase the knowledge and technology of architecture and organize the studies among the undergraduate program (S1), masters program (S2), doctorate program (S3) and the education of professional architecture in the future.


General Objective

The Architecture program at BINUS UNIVERSITY, established by the Faculty of Engineering, not only provides an understanding of construction technology but also provides the knowledge of engineering and humaniora, which makes the program of particular significance. Under the scope of BINUS UNIVERSITY management, it is obligatory for the students to master information technology which is related to architecture. By the systematic and integrated education process, the general objective of the program is to increase the academic achievement of the students as well as to encourage their ability to be part of a social community, as well as having a high work ethic.

Specific Objective

By applying the new curriculum, which has options, a graduate of the architecture program has a good chance to develop this discipline according to the students? ability. Moreover, the graduate has an opportunity to work in various preferred domains. According to the aforementioned cases, the specific objective of the architecture study program is to create a graduate of architecture who has:

  1. A Good character, professionalism, and a strong identity as an Indonesian person involved in national development
  2. A basic understanding of the architecture profession (ability in planning and design) and ready to develop the skills to be a professional architect
  3. A great insight into global architecture and an ability to master information technology
  4. An insight into the environment
  5. Ability to solve problems and communicate well with other people
  6. Ability to grasp the basic knowledge of architecture and the ability to continue studies into higher education.