Prospective Career of the Graduates

The graduate of the Architecture Study Program will have sufficient knowledge of Planning, Programming, and Designing, Building Technology, Project Management, Property Management, Interior Design and Mastery of Information Technology. Therefore, the graduate of Architecture has the choice of a wide range of professions that include:
  1. Consultancy : Architect
  2. Construction : Engineer, Contractor
  3. Construction Management : Construction Manager
  4. Banking : Credit Analyst (Appraisal)
  5. Property : Building Manager, Marketing, Real Estate Manager
  6. Interior : Interior Designer
  7. Development : Planner, Urban Designer, Developer
  8. Information Technology : 3D Animator
  9. Research : Researcher
  10. Media (Printed or Electronic media) : Architecture Journalist, Writer, Editor
  11. Independent Business : Freelance Architect
  12. Education : Lecturer and Instructor