Water is fundamental to human life on several levels, and encompasses a spectrum of meanings that transcend the biological sphere, reaching the cultural and spiritual spheres. Biologically, it is indispensable, making up approximately 70% of our bodies and playing a central role in our physiological functions, from temperature regulation to vital cellular processes. Culturally and spiritually, water has deep significance, symbolizing purification, renewal and spiritual rebirth in a multitude of rituals and ceremonies performed in different cultures over the centuries.

In architecture, the presence of water is equally important, going beyond its basic cleansing function to encompass a rich diversity of meanings and influences. From the majestic Roman baths, where water was used for hygiene and also represented social status, offering moments of entertainment and relaxation; to contemporary bathrooms, where water is skillfully integrated to create luxurious and invigorating spa experiences. Its presence goes beyond the functional aspect and is also deeply symbolic. Evoking feelings of purification, renewal and serenity, water enriches architecture with an emotional and aesthetic dimension that transcends the boundaries of time and culture.

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