According to the climatic conditions of each region and its implantation environment, exterior enclosures play a fundamental role in providing the necessary climatization and ventilation conditions to make indoor spaces habitable and comfortable. While there are various bioclimatic strategies and designs that can be applied to achieve energy efficiency, the determination of materiality, the choice of hardware, and the definition of opening and closing technologies contribute to the performance of facades, providing functionality and a high degree of adaptability to contemporary uses, among other factors.

Sliding windows, folding doors, overhead gates, and many other types of exterior enclosures characterize the facades of homes seeking to meet the needs of their inhabitants, sometimes facing limited space dimensions, peak sun exposure, and more. The use of wood, whether in modular and lightweight structures, interior cladding, furniture, or room dividers, has been increasingly implemented in contemporary Spanish architecture, as well as taking on various configurations in Mexico and other countries.

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