Picture: César Béjar
Written by Starr Charles
To conclude our Stone Age 2.0 series, we’ve collected 10 recently completed and upcoming buildings that show the potential of structural stone as a modern construction material.
This week, Stone Age 2.0 has explored the viability of stone as a modern, low-carbon building material that could help the construction industry minimise its vast carbon footprint.Among the experts to share insights on the material was Aurore Baulier, an ACAN Natural Materials Group co-ordinator, who called on architects to embrace stone’s natural qualities.

“Obviously, you can shape concrete into all these fancy forms, but if you’re clever with stone, you can do incredible stuff,” Baulier told Dezeen.

“Swapping traditional materials – or materials that are traditional now – for stone can be done.”

In this roundup, we collect 10 diverse projects that demonstrate this concept, including social housing, a winery with a rippling facade and an oval-shaped school.

Read on for 10 buildings that showcase the versatility of structural stone:


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