How is it possible to reduce the energy consumption of our homes? What design, material, and/or technological strategies can be developed to achieve interior comfort while also addressing the climate crisis? While achieving energy efficiency depends, among other factors, on the state of the homes, there are various strategies related to the implementation of renewable energies, air conditioning technologies, and more that can be applied, taking into account government policies, laws, regulations, and standards specific to each region.

According to the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) of Spain, 20% of homes have effective insulation capable of preventing heat loss in winter and the entry of hot air in summer through walls, doors, and windows, thereby reducing energy consumption. While countries like Argentina and Chile are just starting to move toward energy efficiency labeling, in Spain, according to the IDAE report from December 2021, only 0.3% of homes have an A certification, representing the highest efficiency, with G certification being the minimum.

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