Picture: Xia Zhi

Written by ArchDaily Team | Translated by Diogo Simões

Respecting others seems like something still distant from prevailing in humanity. In a world where news bombards us with various forms of violence, it is always necessary to find ways to recognize the worth and dignity of each person and to respect differences. We need to cultivate tolerance towards what we don’t know, and in this regard, architecture can be an important ally.

As a constructed object and a cultural product, architecture can play a crucial role in promoting diversity and mitigating intolerance. Today, on the International Day for Tolerance—a date established by the UN in 1995 to emphasize everyone’s right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion—we showcase buildings that serve as symbols and spaces for discussions, protection, and celebration of diverse ways of existence. These structures demonstrate that by constructing inclusive spaces, we can break barriers and cross borders to connect with those different from ourselves. In doing so, we open up new perspectives for each individual through meaningful exchanges.

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