Nowadays, the term “utopia” is used to describe an idea that seems unattainable —at least in the contemporary context— intrinsically related to philosophical, scientific, urbanistic, and architectural concepts, among others. The close connection between utopias and architecture is evident, as this discipline is often associated with imagination. Some notable examples include “The Unreliable Utopia of Auroville’s Architecture” and “The City in Space: A Utopia by Ricardo Bofill. In this context, architects and designers alike use design as a means to develop innovative and disruptive ideas through various elements.

Although considered an idealized concept that does not exist, some designers have ventured into exploring the notion of utopia. AXOR, in conjunction with the Valencia-based design studio Masquespacio, has turned the page by conceiving and bringing to reality a new bathroom concept for a unique hotel suite that embodies their vision of personal luxury. Titled “Utopian Dream”, this design response blends vibrant colors with unexpected details, a combination that this duo defines as a mystic experience above the clouds.

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