The use of local materials in architecture is becoming more and more important as there is a growing need to find new, sustainable construction methods that can help address the current climate crisis. Understanding the behavior of different materials and their key construction properties, architects and other professionals in the field are increasingly turning to bamboo, aiming to develop strategies and techniques that enable its use in both the structures of their projects and the various components of spaces.

Acquiring thousands of potential uses, bamboo represents a construction material in architecture that offers remarkable acoustic, thermal, and seismic behavior. Being a natural material of biological origin, the truth is that there is an infinite variety of bamboo types depending on the area from which it is obtained. In any case, it can be used as the primary support structure in a project, forming part of columns, beams, trusses, and more, as well as integrating the construction of a roof or serving as enclosure and/or furniture to separate different spaces, among other functions.

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