If you follow BIG, you have probably already seen Bjarke Angles talk about hedonistic sustainability and how this concept permeates the most daring projects of the Danish office.

Hedonism, derived from the Greek word hedonê, meaning “pleasure” or “will,” encompasses a range of theories that emphasize the significance of pleasure. Psychological or motivational hedonism posits that human behavior is driven by a fundamental desire to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. In this context, pleasure is regarded as not just a simple aspect of life, but as the ultimate good, guiding principle, and moral foundation of one’s existence.

In BIG’s philosophy, hedonism is closely tied to sustainability, forming a fundamental aspect of the company’s overarching purpose known as “Think Big.” This purpose encompasses projects that address social concerns while prioritizing enjoyment and fun. BIG designs offices and infrastructures to promote happiness and well-being among their users. In alignment with sustainability principles, hedonism takes shape in projects that do not harm the planet. As Bjarke Ingels emphasizes, there is no virtue in polluting the oceans to the extent that they become unfit for swimming. In this context, hedonism is about embracing a life of enjoyment, such as cycling through the city, rather than being stuck in a traffic jam inside a car.

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