Designing a bathroom requires careful attention to detail to remain beautiful and organized. The amount of hygiene and health products typically stored in this environment requires functional cabinets and other strategies. Increasingly, we see the solution of using niches to create a recess in the wall. This allows optimizing the available space and, as a bonus, makes the environment more aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we bring you some examples of bathroom niches and tips for their installation. In addition, we bring you other examples beyond traditional soap dishes.

Bathroom Niche

There is no specific rule for the size of the bathroom niche. It depends on the number of products customers usually have. The main concern is to place them at a height where customers can easily reach them. Therefore, you should start at least 90 cm from the ground. Its height should be at least 30 cm to accommodate products such as shampoos and conditioners. Remember that these elements can have horizontal and vertical shapes and can occupy any space in the bathroom to optimize functionality and aesthetics.

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