It’s said that our ability as a species to easily form strong emotional bonds with creatures of another species is one of the unique characteristics that differentiate humans from animals. But what about the love we receive in return? Scientists have even gone as far as to measure and compare the blood pressure and oxytocin levels of our pets when we’re together, and when we’re apart, in order to prove such a fact.

With the reciprocated familial love shared between pets and owners coming close to between family members themselves, it’s no wonder our pets feel like part of our families. But why, then, are we less likely to include them in the major design decisions of our homes?

When a new family member joins our residence we make sure, for example, they have dedicated and comfortable spaces of their own to sleep, eat, relax, and be private, whereas preparations for new pets often start and end with an old blanket and a couple of bowls on the floor. When renovating spaces, these examples of homes and hospitality and workplace environments make different design choices to ensure the animal residents feel as at home as the people do. Because it’s their house too.

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