The selection of windows and doors plays a key role in the development of any architectural project, as it can significantly influence the final appearance of a building. A well-informed choice can convey values of modernity, craftsmanship, and elegance. On the other hand, inadequate specification can lead to problems such as air leakage, energy loss, and a less visually appealing aesthetic. It is also worth mentioning that windows and doors constitute a substantial part of a project’s budget, which requires meticulous consideration. In this article, we examine four different residential projects, highlighting how their floor-to-ceiling glass sliding system effectively meets the needs of the residents and enhances their quality of life.

The designs featured in this article share a common feature: the use of Air-Lux window and door systems, known for their patented sealing mechanism that guarantees total impermeability against rain, wind and noise. Whether on sliding, pivoting, or descending windows, the air-assisted ring seal that runs along the window guarantees perfect sealing. This membrane-like system allows the air seal to accommodate natural wind-induced movements, ensuring that the window remains fully sealed at all times. When this seal is inactive, it allows for effortless movement of the sliding windows with minimal friction.

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