Over time, the space of the bathroom in the domestic sphere has increasingly gained importance. Nowadays, it is conceived as a space for well-being and health, where one can have an experience that meets the needs and requirements of its users. Beyond the different technologies implemented, the designs applied, or the materials used, architects and designers demonstrate, day by day, the multiple configurations and arrangements that these spaces can adopt through their projects, developing strategies both on an aesthetic and design level, as well as on a technical and functional level.

While it is necessary to think about functionality, ease of maintenance, and privacy when designing a bathroom space, other factors are also involved, such as aesthetics, lighting and ventilation, implementation of new technologies, and quality of materials, among others, which contribute to creating spaces suitable for achieving the desired comfort. In Spanish territory, it is possible to observe a wide variety of resolutions that combine and integrate patterns, tonalities, textures, textiles, and others, seeking to relate or not to the general design adopted in homes.

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