Since the earliest civilizations, nature has been a mainstay in serving as a natural habitat for humankind, providing shelter, food, and medicine. In modern times, industrial and technological revolutions took over the landscape, restructuring the way humans interact with nature. However, today, due to the events we have experienced as a society, it is necessary to focus on creating cities and spaces that integrate nature into our daily lives.

One of the trends that is gaining more and more strength in the world of architecture and interior design is “biophilic design”, the term ‘biophilia’ translates as ‘the love of living things’ in ancient Greek (philia = love of / inclination to). Biophilia was first used by psychologist Erich Fromm in 1964, only to be popularized in the 1980s by biologist Edward O. Wilson, upon detecting how urbanization was beginning to promote a strong disconnection with nature.

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