Making a space more practical, facilitating daily tasks, creating unity in interior design, providing different possibilities for an area without modifying it, and adding beauty are not easy tasks. Still, some elements are essential for achieving them: cabinets and shelves.

Previously, we presented some examples of these furnishings that provide versatility and integration with architecture. Here, we delve into some projects that adopt these and other characteristics to bring even more functionality to each environment and highlight why each design is special.

In Spain, BEAR had to respond to the challenge of collectors who wanted to bring their objects as an extension of architecture. The (Dis) Order Residence was structured around two large bookshelves that bend and stand out from the geometric guidelines given by the perimeter of the construction, introducing a certain alteration or disorder that invites you to pass through them, turn them around, and enter the elements they contain. Hidden inside are the bathrooms and the closet gym, and outside, there is an exhibition of records and mobile DJ equipment. Thus, joinery takes continuous prominence in the house, accompanying and modifying the environment as it adapts in position and size according to the use it serves.

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