Flexibility and open spaces are themes in contemporary house design. Multifunctional spaces and creative storage solutions are more than welcome when seeking easily adaptable environments to meet owners’ constantly changing needs. To give you some fresh inspiration, we have selected ten projects that feature countertops that integrate different programs and serve more than one function in the home.

Integration With Architecture

Casa 4×30, realized in partnership with CR2 Arquitetura + FGMF, presents an unusual continuity between the living room and the dining table, integrated into the island with a built-in oven. Lowered, the kitchen offers itself to the visitor through an unexpected perspective. Integrated with the living room by the “floor-table”, by the countertop that extends from one environment to another, by the materials and details, the kitchen places itself as part of the same space, but the lowering of the level highlights the difference between the programs.

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