The precast and prefabricated elements made of concrete (such as slabs, pillars, beams and walls) are part of the constructive process known as modular construction. A construction methodology carried out in stages, based on the standardization of the parts that make up the building, with its modules produced on an assembly line, transported and assembled to shape the architecture.

Precast and prefabricated concrete structures are increasingly present in the field of construction, applied in different programs and scales over the last decades. Among its innumerable advantages, it is worth mentioning: the reduction in waste generation, reducing disturbances in the site with a leaner construction; speed in execution, since the production of the parts occurs concurrently with other works on the site; efficiency, in the sense that it is possible to evaluate the parts’ performance and identify measures that increase structural and economic capacity; and, finally, the improvement in safety issues, with a work environment that reduces the risk of accidents.

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