Foto: Bildarchiv Monheim/Alamy

The task of designing a place of worship is a challenge that appears as simple and complex as the word of God: How does one create an emotional connection on the outside of a structure that will rival the one to be had on the inside? To be sure, there’s no easy answer. Which is why architects for millennia have attempted to create places of worship to not only house religious services, but also stand the test of time. Examples of these luminous structures include the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica, Notre-Dame in Paris, and Hagia Sophia in Turkey, to name a few. But what all these structures have in common is that they were conceived decades, if not centuries ago. What about those modern attempts to design places of worship for the people and posterity? While we’ll not know which of these newly erected walls will be lionized the same way St. Peter’s Basilica is today, we think the four structures below stand a very good chance.

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