Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “Architecture is a visual medium! How interesting can it be to tweet about it?” Well, skeptical reader, get ready to be surprised. These tweeters will keep you up-to-date and thoroughly entertained with the latest news in design, construction, art and archaic Japanese joint details. It’s a long list to go through, but the great thing about Twitter is that it gets better when you follow more people. Less curated than Instagram and with fewer baby pictures from college roommates than Facebook, Twitter hits an idiosyncratic sweet spot that feeds our need for constant information and ephemeral chatter. For those who want to get more active on the platform but don’t know where to start, our favorite tweeter, Kate F. Wagner aka @mcmansionhell, had the following advice:

“Don’t take Twitter too seriously… Be yourself. Most importantly: do not feed the trolls.”

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