Archistart, continuing the focus on tourism themes, promotes Floating Room Competition, a contest aimed at imagining an experimental architecture, a floating Hotel Room, a privileged point of view and a new link with the landscape or the urban context.

The competition requires designing a double/twin “special room” with restroom, imagining it to be placed on natural or artificial water bodies, like Lake Iseo or La Darsena (Milan’s city dock) – by way of example. The proposals will be evaluated considering the relationship with the context and the architectural innovation level.

The architectural volume should have a maximum size of 25sq meters and a maximum height of 5 m, based on a platform of maximum 30sq meters. The room should be provided with a sleeping accommodation for 2 people, a restroom/wellness
area and any possible special spaces.

Participants are free to choose the materials and the space distribution, both in plan and elevation.

Download the information related to this competition here.