Courtesy of H├ęctor Llano | Teamstudio

3D printing is here to stay. Every day we see articles that show us the latest accomplishment using 3D printers. From bridges printed entirely in 3D to 3D replicas of lost architecture or for something silly machines that print pizzas. We are fascinated and impressed by everything they can do, but still, regard them as something without real life application. In the field of architecture we see it as the next revolution that will save us the time spent on making models, but … why limit it to only that?

The world of 3D printing has fascinated me for a long time. The uses for 3D printing have only one limit: the imagination of the person behind the printer. And although until now it was a world limited to super fans or people with resources, 2017 will be the year in which the 3D printers reach the home user, not just professionals.

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