Architects create visions of what they think could be architecture. A host of systems and processes amalgamate to bring these visions to reality through the built form. From the stages of conceptualisation & planning, we imagine our buildings as encompassed wholes that are essentially a comprehensive integration of ideas, design, processes and fabrication.

We have come a long way from when carefully constructed imitations of Corinthian leaves on Greek columns was the only sort of interdisciplinary learning that informed architecture. Technology is continuously changing the course of all disciplines and hence the potential for their interaction. In architecture itself, design is now realised to have a complex and nonlinear process of development that draws influences from all walks of life and can be achieved to its full synergetic potential due to the massively expanding ability to visualize and represent forms and their structural behaviour. In other words, all disciplines are now mutual sources for learning in this world of endless possibilities. (Read more via