The fourth Lisbon Architecture Triennale is titled The Form of Form, which only by coincidence echoes the doubling of the 2013 edition, Close, Closer. The previous triennale faced criticism for celebrating the more fringe spatial practices. The latest is certainly a swing back towards the discipline of architecture. Conceived by curators André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes – who sadly passed away earlier this year, but whose influence is pervasive – it centres primarily on architecture as architecture, and mines the discipline for a formal relationship to history and urbanism.

The triennale is divided up into four main exhibitions and a series of auxiliary shows. These include the exhibition Building Site, addressing the process of construction; The World in Our Eyes, a survey of representation as seen through urban mapping and research; and Sines: Seaside Logistics, the result of a student competition about the relationship between landscape and infrastructure. (Read more via