Architecture is one of the most stressful jobs one can have. To be a professional architect, you have to spend so much time not only learning the required skills for your profession, but also diversifying and broadening experiences that can highly contribute to your architectural career. Arch2O offers you 10 activities that are not directly related to architecture, but they can enrich your personal and professional life.

  1. Play VR video games:

Virtual video games can unleash your imaginative powers that are limited by the possibilities of reality. They can also give you better understanding of spatial relations. Also, video games can develop your skills when dealing with the growing solutions of Virtual Reality.

  1. Read fiction:

Fiction allows you to live with other people and feel others’ emotions and it also develops your sense of empathy. As an architect, you should develop better understanding of other people and it could be attained through reading fiction about individual characters having various experiences and from different backgrounds such as Michel Ondaatje’s ‘The English Patient’ novel.

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