Via FiftyThree

“Design is for everyone.”

Architect Evan Bronstein’s universal statement embodies the thinking behind developer TopHatch’s popular Concepts: Smarter Sketching app for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. The interface of this drawing software has been pared down to its basic elements, maximizing accessibility for beginners while retaining concealed layers of complexity for those that demand it. The app scooped a Tabby Award back in 2013, but makes our App of the Week column with its latest update this month.

The application is described as a “visual thinking” tool that “combines the freedom and feel of artistic sketching with the precision, clarity and usefulness of CAD.” This is largely thanks to Concepts’ vector-based output, which allows for accurate creation and manipulation of marks upon the screen with a choice between soft, analog aesthetics and hard-edged drafting lines. (Read more via architizer.com)