Photo: © Flickr CC user Jamie Henderson
Many successful entrepreneurs claim that taking notes and making lists should be treated as an indispensible part of your daily activities. Capturing ideas, writing down day-to-day, monthly and long-term goals can keep one productive and focused on getting things done.

by Lidija Grozdanic

For example, Richard Branson keeps four types of lists: ideas, thing people say, people to call and people who influence him. Thenotebook or idea book format is flexible and can be adapted to individual habits, needs and areas of work.

According to a widely recognized study published by American researcher and psychology professor Donald W. MacKinnon, creativity comes in three different forms-artistic creativity that is intuitive and reflects the person’s inner perceptions, scientific and technological creativity, which deals with finding new solutions to practical and technical problems, and hybrid creativity, which allows the creator to ponderproblems and come up with solutions by incorporating into them their own personality. The third kind is often associated with the field of architecture and professions in which playfulness and technical precision converge.

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