Every now and again, someone will try to convince me that the design process is faster using computer software than sketching. I used to respond to those comments, try to build an intelligent perspective of why I inherently don’t believe this is true, but now, I rarely bother. Just like talking politics or religion, the “sketching versus computer” debate rarely seems to change anybody’s mind. Whatever it is they seem to believe, they argue that side of it until they are blue in the face, and nothing happens.

On one hand, I don’t really care what others do – I know what works for me and despite my obvious lack of artistic ability. My sketches achieve their ends for how I process and execute the design process. Sketching is fast enough for me to cover a lot of ground while I am experimenting with form, mass, scale and pattern … but not so fast that I blast through it so quickly that my hand can get out in front of my thought process.

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