Architect: the “Best Job in the World” … for me.

What did you think I would say? Okay … if I am being honest

Lottery Winner: the “Best Job in the World.”

that’s not really a job but it’s definitely a title I would be happy to claim.

I woke up this morning and didn’t want to come to work. In fact, I was dreading it. There were going to be a lot of mundane tasks, none of which would be particularly fun or interesting. But things have to get done and since I work in a small office, many times I am the one who has to do them … but that’s not actually a bad thing, it keeps things from getting stale, stagnant and repetitive. No, the main reason I wasn’t looking forward to work today was because my to-do list didn’t include anything social. That’s really why I like my job – I like talking with people and making them happy that they are working with me on their project.

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