Within the last couple of years, the popularity of micro-housing (aka pod apartments, aPodments, microunits, or microflats) has been on the rise in the U.S. These one-room, self-contained living spaces are typically designed to accommodate a sitting space, sleeping space, bathroom and kitchenette, all within a minimal floor area. Here in Seattle, there are dozens of micro-housing developments cropping up lately, each with individual unit areas ranging between 150 and 350 square feet.

Along with the popularity of micro-housing comes all of the edgy design competitions, the alluring coverage on architecture blogs, and the zippy marketing campaigns. But despite all of this high gloss publicity, we’ve noticed that people speak the term micro-housing with cautious suspicion, and usually punctuate it with a sigh. We’re no exception here at BUILD, and each time we see a new aPodment building go up in town, it’s difficult to suppress the skepticism.

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