Many cities around the U.S. are experiencing the results of a significant shift in urban thinking right now. Either city blocks are activated, interesting, and inspiring, or they’re suffering a generic, cookie-cutter stagnation. While the evidence varies between one city and the next, you know a city block that fires on all cylinders when you see one. The sidewalks are lined with serendipitous shops, one-off restaurants, and unique watering holes. People from all walks of life populate the pedestrian zone, cars compete for valuable parking spaces, and bicycles dodge and weave amongst it all. One such block here in Seattle is located at the intersection of 19th Avenue East and East Mercer St. It’s the home of the 19th & Mercer Apartments and a roster of carefully-curated, locally owned shops like Tallulah’s restaurant, Cone & Steiner market, The Herbalist shop and Hello Robin cookies and ice cream. This block is enjoyable day or night and, if you’re anything like us, you seek these environments out.

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