I have written on this subject many times – especially in the earlier years of my blog. As one of my goals is to share how architects think, I’ve worked to be transparent with my own thoughts and my own journey. I hope it has helped someone.

There are so many articles out there about architecture as a career. Is it worth it? Is it a viable career? Does it pay well? What are the opportunities for advancement? Is it difficult? Is it worth the investment? These are all good questions.

I’ll be completely transparent. I never considered any of these.

I am an architect because I am an architect. It is simply a reflection or representation of who I am as a person and the skills I discovered in myself quite early. It lets me be me. It lets me express myself in a language that is more comfortable at times than words. I’ve wanted to be an architect since I was ten or eleven years old. I simply decided that and pursued it. Maybe one day I’ll be good.

Yes, it’s a service that helps people. It’s a business. It’s a responsibility that builds communities. It develops leaders that can impact neighborhoods, cities and regions.

I have to do this. I don’t mean I have to do this to pay my bills. Most jobs that I could have considered as a college graduate would pay my bills. I do this because it lets me know I’m alive.

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